ndganz hand book

National Dog Groomers Association of N.Z. Ltd (NDGANZ)


The above facebook page was set up as a way of providing help, support and communication with its
members, other groomers, breeders and anyone else who has an interest in pet grooming, including
home groomers.

Raising awareness of the profession of dog grooming is very important and it is a useful platform for
discussing upcoming events etc as well as discussing grooms and offering/asking for advice.

Membership to the facebook page is open to everyone but constant negativity or abuse can lead to
your removal from the page either temporarily or permanently without notice.
It is not acceptable to ridicule other groomers on the page and the admins reserve the right to
delete any post they feel necessary without explanation or retribution.

Anyone wishing to advertise on the page should first seek approval from admin as this is a private
group page.