NGANZ Certifiers

sheila morris

Sheila’s  involvement in the dog grooming as an industry began in 1991 when she visited America and the biggest grooming contest in the World (Intergroom) returning from this trip she was determined that N.Z. would be recognized worldwide in grooming and to this aim she formed the National Dog Groomers Association of New Zealand, a non profit organization.  
On a subsequent trip to America she passed the American National Dog Groomers Assn. exams to become a Master Groomer with a mark of 97 overall.   She had to groom 3 dogs to a very high standard and sit a paper of 600 plus questions.   At the same time she competed in the International classes with some of the Worlds Greats and brought home both a silver and bronze medal.   With the assistance of the American grooming associations she developed an examination and workshop program for New Zealand groomers which has been a great success and produced many very fine groomers around N.Z.   Along with her team she continues to improve the grooming in the N.Z. pet industry all with the show dog high standard in mind.
She held the first of many “Groomalong” competitions and workshops in N.Z. and Australia, beginning in the early ‘90s and for her contribution to the grooming industry her work was recognized in America by being nominated for a “Crystal Achievement award for Contribution to the Dog Grooming Industry” and was given the honour of also being a Presenter at these awards,  she has also been recognised by the NZ Kennel Club for her “Contribution to the N.Z. Dog World.” both for Grooming and 60 years of dog showing and breeding.