Exams & Workshops

Coming Events 2020

Dates for official NDGANZ workshops and exams for 2020

Workshops and Exam dates

Feb 8th 9th 2020
NDGANZ Workshop for Proficiency, Masters and Gundog

Mar 21st 22nd 2020
Palmerston North
NDGANZ Workshop for Proficiency, Masters and Gundog

April 4th 5th 2020
NDGANZ Workshop for Proficiency, Masters and Gundog

May 16th 17th 2020
NDGANZ Exams for Proficiency, Masters and Gundog

June 13th 14th 2020
Palmerston North
NDGANZ Exams for Proficiency, Masters and Gundog

July 11th 12th
NDGANZ Exams for Proficiency, Masters and Gundog

Groomalong Auckland 2020
Sit your exam - or enter the competition - or use the same dog for both!! Check out our EVENTS PAGE for more info

workshop & exam venues and details

Auckland - Angels Grooming Centre, 400 Don Buck Road, Massey, Auckland

Palmerston North - Transfurmations Pet Grooming - 298 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North

Christchurch - Canterbury Kennel Centre - McLeans Island Road, McLeans Island, Christchurch

For all workshops and exams, Proficiency will be on the Saturday (wool coat in the morning and drop coat in the afternoon)

Masters Bichon (if you have passed the other 3 modules is also Saturday

The other three breed workshop/exams are on the Sunday each year - 2020 is Gundogs, 2021 is Terriers, 2022 is poodles, 2023 is Gundogs, 2024 is Terriers, 2025 is Poodles etc)

Workshops for proficiency exams are recommended but not compulsory Workshops for all Master modules are compulsory

All workshops and exams are only available to paid up members.

seminarS, competitions and events

The National Dog Groomers Association of New Zealand celebrates 30 years on the weekend of 12-13 September, at Canterbury Kennel Centre, McLean’s Island.

The very first contest held by the NDGANZ in 1990 was the first of its kind in Australasia, kicking off 30 years of Seminars, exams, competitions, and boot camps.

The association would like to invite dog groomers and show Dog exhibitors to spend a day or the whole weekend enjoying demonstrations, contests, beautiful dogs, model dogs, seminars and more. Details will be sent out to those who book a ticket —and all for free.

There will be trade stalls where you can buy anything from grooming and show equipment to remedies 

We will be announcing weekly a contest for everyone to submit and they will be judged during the weekend.   The first is a story you can write about a dog, it will be from just a couple of paragraphs or up to 1000 words.    Fiction or Non Fiction.   

Entries to be in by 31st August.   We are hoping to maybe follow up with a book from these stories.

The grooming contests will include Creative Scissoring, Model dogs, and Puppicino heads.

Conditions of entry includes bringing your dog or model pre prepared with just final

preparation decoration or finishing before display and judging. Details with your ticket number – Free.

A workshop for anyone wishing to get help with their grooming skills will be held and details of this will be sent out when you get your ticket number.      Lunch will be provided, and a celebration Members’ dinner will be held on the Saturday night, free to members.

Camping accommodation at McLean’s Island can be arranged.

A Therapeutic Massage Therapist will be on site and you need to book for a head and Shoulders massage, her fee is $1 a minute.

The Association is grateful to the Canterbury Kennel Association for being able us use this great venue for their event.

The weekend is FREE get your tickets quickly.

Get your tickets here 😊


All events are offered in good faith and may be subject to change in unforeseen situations outside of our control