National Dog Groomers Association of N.Z. Ltd (NDGANZ)


NDGANZ offers many opportunities every year to improve our members grooming and learning
thereby improving the quality of the industry as a whole.

Hosting high quality seminars means that we have access to many of the worlds best speakers in the
industry and we encourage our members to take advantage of the comparably low costs compared
to having to travel around the globe to discover these speakers.

Our Grooming competitions are a fantastic way to improve your skills and get critique on your
grooms. At times, some exams are held in combination with competitions making for an exciting
event for all.

As well as the above, NDGANZ offers certification in proficiency and it also provides a pathway to
achieve the title of NDGANZ Master Groomer (NCMG).

Certificate in Salon Proficiency is designed to help set a starting standard in the grooming industry in
New Zealand. This exam is designed to be the first exam a groomer does as a precursor to their
Master Groomer journey. The Master Groomer exams are based around purebred dogs whereas the
Salon Proficiency ensures competency in grooming Crossbreeds and pet trims that we see in the
salon every day.

The NZCIP is an assessment of normal salon work and tools and hence you are expected to use the
tools an average salon would use. Snap on combs, straights, curves, thinners and
chunkers/sculptures are all a valuable part of this exam.

It is advised, but not essential that you attend the proficiency workshop (preferably with a dog to
work on) so that you can be directed on what will be acceptable at the exam and to help improve
your overall chances of passing the exam. During the proficiency workshop and exams you will get a
better understanding of the journey you may be undertaking should you choose to work towards
becoming a Master Groomer.

The NDGANZ Master Groomer examination programs are designed to show a higher level of
learning. The grooms are to be a high quality pet trim version of a breed standard trim and the tools
used are to be traditional tools used for these breeds, the use of snap on combs,
chunkers/sculptures, vacuum systems and stripping machines etc are NOT allowed in these exams.
Workshops and exams are generally one per month in rotating cities for 6 months commencing
around February and ending around July each year and customarily held on a week-end,
Saturday will be the workshop (or exam) for Proficiency (or any other dogs our members want help
with) along with the final Master Groomer module the Bichon.

Sunday will be the workshop (or exam) one of the three other modules Gundog – Terrier – Non
Sporting rotating in that order. You will always know what the following years workshops and exams
are based on the year before.

The order of the venues is generally
Christchurch workshop
Wellington workshop
Auckland workshop
Christchurch exam
Wellington exam
Auckland exam

To sit exams towards becoming a Master Groomer, it is mandatory that you attend the
corresponding workshop (preferably with a dog to work on) prior to the exam or you will not be
eligible to sit that module of the examination program.

NOTE: Spectators are encouraged at any workshop providing their membership is up to date, they
will be charged the same workshop fee as participants.

Spectators are not allowed at any exams unless they are either judging or shadow judging, or a
designated helper for the day. Exams are serious business and we want to give our participants
every opportunity to succeed.

The only exception is if the exam is during a competition, where the participant will be allowed an
additional 15 minutes from their normal exam time to compensate them for the extra pressures of
having public present.