ndganz hand book

National Dog Groomers Association of N.Z. Ltd (NDGANZ)

ndganz membership

Any person wishing to become a member should apply on the NDGANZ registration form with the appropriate joining fee. Membership is not guaranteed and must be approved by National Dog Groomers Association of N.Z. Ltd and can be revoked at any time by NDGANZ. 

A member must be a minimum of 16 years of age. 

The yearly membership fee is $150 per year and all returning members will receive a $50 discount for re-joining for the subsequent year provided their fees are paid in full and on time. (Fee changes will be updated on the website and all previous prices on forms etc will be void). 

A Life member is one who has made an outstanding contribution to the association over a lengthy period of time and is deemed acceptable by the committee. 

A life member shall be credited the entire membership fee each year. 

Membership, workshop, exams and seminars are to be paid in full prior to all events at the deadline set down. Please note the membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December every year. A payment plan may be accepted if required as long as the entire payment is received in full prior to the event. 

Only current paid up members may use the NDGANZ name and previous year’s membership certificates or titles should be removed from all advertising or display if the groomers membership is not paid and current. 

Code of conduct:

All members are expected to behave in a professional manner. There are times when there may be personality clashes and every attempt should be made to act with respect to other members. Personal attacks on other members causing intentional distress will not be taken lightly and may lead to removal of membership or a stand down period from certain events. 

Grooming members of NDGANZ are expected to handle the animals using safe practices. Every effort must be made to minimise the discomfort of animals in our care. This will include educating the owners to prevent matting in the first place, and removing matting in a pain free way. As Groomers are potentially the professional pets see most often, it is important to report any issues you may find to the owner to pass onto their vet. 

If a member has an issue with another groomer in terms of animal abuse or mishandling, they should in the first instance have proof of the issue and that proof should be sent to the proper authorities eg SPCA or local Council, and copy NDGANZ in on that correspondence. 

It is not appropriate, nor do we condone, our members attacking other groomers either online or in private regardless of the reason. As a professional, our members should hold themselves to a high standard at all times and refrain from bullying or name-and-shaming of other professionals regardless if that person is a member or not. 

No member shall claim to represent the NDGANZ unless prior approval has been given by at least two senior members. 


Any members who receive complaints of misconduct will be asked to explain the situation to one of the senior organisers. Should the misconduct allegation be upheld, NDGANZ reserves the right to remove the member from the membership list and remove all titles and privileges, that member shall no longer be able to use the NDGANZ branding or name in any way. 

Complaints will be handled in the appropriate manner depending on the content of the complaint. 

Misconduct can include (but not limited to); Unprovoked abuse or harassment of other members either in person or in the industry Proven abusive neglectful or repeated injury to animals under the groomers care Refusing help or further training to prevent further issues Wilfully damaging the reputation and name of NDGANZ Keeping unsafe or unsanitary working premises 

Note: Proof of abuse in the form of written or photographic evidence must be submitted along with the complaint, second hand word of mouth is not acceptable.