ndganz hand book

National Dog Groomers Association of N.Z. Ltd (NDGANZ)

ndganz judges and certifiers

Competition Judging

The Contest organisers are empowered to select judges suitable for each of the classes who have
proved they have sufficient competition experience and knowledge of the breeds they are expected

NDGANZ Exam Certifiers

Existing Certifiers
Sheila Morris – NDGA of Am. Master Groomer
Suezette Shaw – NDGA of Am. Master Groomer
Verna Holland – NDGANZ Master Groomer
Theresa Peacock – NDGANZ Master Groomer
Catherine Wallace – NDGANZ Master Groomer
Angela Anderson – NDGANZ Master Groomer
Matilda van Rijnberk – NDGANZ Master Groomer
Leanne Papps – NDGANZ Master Groomer
Karen Mangos – NDGANZ Master Groomer



Certifiers restrictions:

There must be two examining Certifiers in all exams.
Certifiers may not certify family members or cohabiters
At least one of the certifiers must have no staff member in the group they are judging.
Any financial member who has attained NDGANZ Master Groomer status may apply to start shadow
judging for exam purposes provided that;
The member is either a life member or a fully paid member
The applicant has won a first place position in any qualifying competition for that particular module
they wish to shadow judge for (excluding proficiency).

The applicant should include their strengths and weaknesses and where the applicant feels they
need more fine tuning may attend any future standard workshop with a dog at no charge to help
hone their skills.

Once they have been invited to shadow judge, the applicant must shadow on all three groups
(gundog, terriers and poodles) at least three times before being able to certify with one other senior
certifier. All three modules must be completed before apprentice judging for Masters exam. Scoring
must be in alignment with their mentor judge (wide variances may lead to the minimum shadows
required being increased until such time as the scoring becomes more compatible)
It is of the utmost importance that the apprentice certifiers attitude and demeaner be that of the
level of a judge’s position. All judges must remain impartial, it is not appropriate to allow
favouritism or prejudices to influence your decision making or the way you relate to each person.
The goal of shadow judging is to understand how scoring is done to achieve consistency across the

Groomers who prepare dogs for out of town groomers to use, will usually (and rightly) charge a
preparation fee. Please understand that this is a courtesy and it is expected that you pay either in
one lump sum of the agreed price once you have agreed on a dog, or after each wash to the
groomer directly to help spread out the payments. It is unreasonable to order a prepared dog, and
then not pay if you don’t use it or in the unlikely event that the dog becomes injured prior to the
event. The preparing groomer still has the right to be paid for their time irrespective of the reason
for you pulling out of the event.