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Membership Fee
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National Dog Groomers of NZ 
NZ Pet Owners and Groomers

Certificate in Salon Proficiency
NDGANZ Master Groomer Exams

CSP Practical Exam
CSP Written Exam
CST Scoring Practical Exam

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Exam Certifiers
Certifier Restrictions
Certifier Eligibility criteria

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origins and objects

National Dog Groomers Association of New Zealand was formed in 1990 and started as a Ltd company in 1991 by its founder Sheila Morris representing the standards, goals, aspirations and image of the Professional Pet Groomers. 

Our intention is to be the recognised leaders of the grooming industry aimed at uniting groomers through membership while educating the public and focusing on education and animal safety. In this way we hope to form professional and sincere alliances that will benefit the grooming industry and the animals in their care by recognising the true and committed grooming professional. 

NDGA provides advanced continuing educational programs in the form of workshops and seminars designed to enhance the expertise and business acumen of professional pet groomers and provides you an opportunity to expand your professional contacts, to make friends amongst individuals with common interests, concerns and goals. It also helps to educate the general public to make decisions around their chose of groomer who agrees with the same ideals. 

The National Dog Groomers Association of New Zealand provides a membership for dog and cat groomers, dog show enthusiasts and breeders who have an interest in grooming and the improvement of the industry, its members and the welfare of the animals they groom. 

The membership makes no requirement of any member to participate in any event or conversation through NDGANZ, and does include many members who are silent members and gain much from watching and observing. Likewise, no promise is made from NDGANZ to provide anything other than the right to use the term “current member of NDGANZ” in a positive way regardless of all that is offered throughout the year. However, persons may only remain members if their paid membership is current, and they have not been excluded for serious breaches of the rules. 

NDGANZ will endeavour to provide the most up to date and accurate information regarding changes in regulations or rule changes that affect our industry in good faith. While all effort will be made to ensure the accurateness of this information, neither the NDGANZ or its officers shall be held liable for any errors in communications which may happen unintentionally. We further reserve the right to retract or reclarify statements as more information comes to hand.

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All rules and guidelines are set out in this document under various headings and can be changed and added to as required by the operators of NDGANZ as a private entity. 

Should a member become dissatisfied with the operations and running of the organisation, and no agreement can be achieved, that member is able to request a refund of their membership fees for the balance of that financial year. If agreed by the organisation a pro-rata refund from the date of the request to the end of the year will signify termination of membership and all rights associated with it. 

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