meet our certifiers

(Am.ncmg) Founder National Dog Groomers Assn. of N.Z.

Angela Anderson is New Zealand’s first Internationally Certified Master Groomer and also a NDGANZ certified Master Groomer, NDGANZ Certifier, national and international judge and speaker.


Verna was one of the first Master Groomers in N.Z. and became also one of the first N.D.G.A. Judges.

She has now retired from judging and certifying and we value and thank her for her contribution.  

Theresa is currently a NZDGA Judge and trainer and has judged in Australia.


Cathy is an Examiner for the NDGANZ as well as a conformation judge regularly judges in both N.Z. and Australia.


Matilda is a Nationally Certified Master Groomer (NCMG), tutor in Angels Grooming Academy and NDGANZ Certifier. 

Leanne was the youngest to gain her National Master Groomer Certification (NCMG) at 21 and is a NDGANZ Certifier.