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National Dog Groomers Association of N.Z. Ltd (NDGANZ)

groom team nz

Groomteam NZ members must abide by the guidelines and rules below for the smooth running of
the team and the protection of the image of Groomteam NZ and NDGANZ.
This code has been written based on a collation of other Groomteam codes from around the world
to give us a comprehensive and clear list of objectives and expectations.

Groom Team NZ

The Groomteam comprises 6 to 8 people who shall act as representatives of the grooming industry
in New Zealand and in particular in competing as a team.

The team shall be comprised of the following…
One Team Manager – as voted by the team preferably from previous Groomteam members/mentors
One team member for Purebreed scissoring class
One team member for Poodle Class
One team member for Gundog Class
One team member for Terrier/Handstrip class
One reserve for all scissoring dogs
One reserve for all stripping dogs

At times, there may be one reserve to act as a stand by for all classes
A NDGANZ Mentor of appropriate experience may be included as a Groomteam member/Manager.
The Team Manager or Mentor may step into the team if required to compete.
Groom team is an approximate 2 year commitment. If you need to resign before your two years is
up it must be made in writing formally to NDGANZ.

All costs involved with groom team are your own responsibility. You should only apply if you feel
you can raise the money required although group fundraising will be allocated in the following way
should it become available.


If a member should fundraise for groom team personally, your money raised will go towards that
person’s individual portion.
A weekly direct credit may at times be necessary to help the member achieve the funds required for
travel or education.
If a member should leave the Groomteam prior to the end of your Groomteam term, or at the end of
your Groomteam journey, any funds raised or deposited as personal funds which have not been
spent, shall be returned to the individual.
We have a communal spreadsheet which will be accessible by the team and its organisers which will
detail funds raised and held for each person, as well as any personal contributions. Expected
expenses are updated as they come to hand so you can monitor your progress.
All attempts shall be made to use accurate figures but no one can be held responsible if prices
change due to circumstances outside of our control.


If a member should fundraise with another groomer team member, or in small groups of team
members, the money raised will be split proportionally between those participating members.
If a member should leave the Groomteam prior to the end of your Groomteam term, or at the end of
their Groomteam journey, their portion of any funds raised or deposited as personal funds which
have not been spent, shall be returned to the individual.


If NDGANZ runs a raffle for the general Groomteam, the funds will be split between all participating
Groomteam members
If at least 2 senior members of NDGANZ agree to spare funds being used for Groomteam, it may do
so by dividing such funds equally between those travelling.
If a team member cannot come up with the money in time, it may be at times possible for NDGANZ
to loan the money to the member with a signed agreement of repayment.

No refunds shall be given to any member leaving the Groomteam at any time from team funds
raised, and any excess money shall be held for the purposes of Groomteam travel or education etc
for remaining and future members.

Once a Groomteam has been decided, if a member needs to step down within one year, the position
will be offered to the reserve and a new reserve shall be chosen from the list of those whole trialled
in order of scores. If a groom team member steps down in the second year, a reserve shall be chose
by known skills and invited to attend. If a second team member has stepped down, recruiting for
two new members shall begin as soon as possible.


Every team member shall be responsible for trying to source their own dogs for team competitions.
Ideally, photos and details of the dogs should be kept in a central location so that all Groomteam
members can assess progress and attempt to help source dogs where required.
For every competition, it is ideal if the members can obtain two dogs for each of the four categories
so that there is a back up dog for the team member who requires it.
Scissor member has a Bichon and a Poodle
Poodle member has a Poodle and a Gundog
Gundog member has a Gundog and a Terrier Handstrip
Terrier member has a Terrier Handstrip and a Bichon
Reserve has a Bichon and a Gundog
Reserve two has a Terrier and a Poodle

Where possible, funds raised will pay for the maintenance and/or supply of two dogs per member.
The actual configuration of dogs is irrelevant as long as there is at least 2 of each category between
all the members. Each member should work together to ensure that all categories have at least 2
dogs represented.

If there comes a time, when the dog for a selected category is not suitable or has to be withdrawn
prior to the competition without sufficient time to replace it, the back up dog would be expected to
go to the category member to ensure the most points possible for the team.

In the event that a dog is sourced in addition to the above dogs, for individual competing in the same
competition, that dog shall belong solely to the groomer who sourced and paid personally for it, and
it shall not be used as a back up dog for the team and no pressure should be placed on the team
member to give up that dog for the team.

Groomteam New Zealand

Code Of Ethics

This code of ethics was implemented on the 30th July 2016

Code Of Ethics
Groomteam New Zealand Objects and Ideals

I. Mission

The mission of Groomteam New Zealand is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence
in all aspects of pet styling in New Zealand, and to identify the best groomers and ambassadors of
New Zealand dog grooming to compete at an International level. Groomteam New Zealand grants
the privilege of membership to individuals committed to that mission who desire to promote and
create a path for future groomers to follow and be proud of. Groomteam New Zealand endeavours
to obtain recognition for those who are the elite of their field in New Zealand grooming and give
ongoing encouragement and support to all others involved in the grooming industry and aid in the
development and future of the grooming industry.

Code of Ethics

In order to assist all members to better serve the interests of those who participate in this
organisation Groomteam New Zealand has adopted the Ethical Code which follows. This Code is not
intended to establish a set of rules that will, by inclusion or exclusion, prescribe the appropriate
behavior for Groomteam New Zealand members in every aspect of their participation. Rather, the
Code offers general principles to guide the conduct, and the judicious appraisal of conduct, of all
Groomteam New Zealand members in situations that have ethical implications. This Code is offered
to guide and to affirm the will of all Groomteam New Zealand members to safeguard the best
interests of Groomteam New Zealand by acting ethically at all times. This privilege of participation
may, therefore, be withdrawn by National Dog Groomers Association of New Zealand for breach of
this Code at any time if Groomteam New Zealand management determines that a member’s conduct
is inconsistent with the mission of the organisation or the best interest of those who participate in it.
Every Groomteam New Zealand member recognises and understands that although individuals are
passionate and forthright concerning ideas and viewpoints, all decisions and promotion for
Groomteam New Zealand will be made in a “ TEAM “ environment and will not highlight individual
ideals and agendas.

I. Elements of the Code

A member of Groomteam New Zealand has a responsibility to be unselfish in the sharing of
knowledge with fellow groomers. To always act in good faith and harmony and encourage and
promote the professionalism and support of all past, present and future members of Groomteam
New Zealand including their family, friends, supporters, management, staff and the grooming
industry as a whole.

II. Responsibility

A member of Groomteam New Zealand has a responsibility to Groomteam New Zealand and the
grooming industry in general which includes all rules and regulations, Code of Ethics and Code of
Practice which govern it. Members of Groomteam New Zealand are charged with the responsibility
for contributing to an environment which makes participation in the grooming of dogs a positive and
rewarding experience. In order to achieve that result, each professional member has a special
obligation to make decisions based on the best interests of all team members. It is inconsistent with
this obligation for any member to:
1. Knowingly misrepresent the policies or actions of Groomteam New Zealand or its authorized
representatives or any Code of Practice and Code of Ethics applicable to the Pet Industry in New
2. Fail to resort (in the first instance) to the established procedures for making a complaint about the
conduct of another Groomteam member, or attempting to reverse or ignoring a policy adopted by
Groomteam New Zealand .
3. Breach the duty to maintain appropriately established confidence of Groomteam New Zealand or
its members.

III. Communication

Members of Groomteam New Zealand have a duty to communicate honestly and openly with the
organisation and its members. It is inconsistent with this obligation for any member to:
1. Misrepresent competitive achievements, professional qualifications, education, experience,
eligibility, or affiliations.
2. Knowingly disseminate false or misleading information about another member
3. Avoid reporting any breach of the above to Groomteam New Zealand management.

IV. Conflict of Interest

Members of Groomteam New Zealand are responsible for avoiding both actual and perceived
conflicts of interest in the conduct of business on behalf of the organisation. It is inconsistent with
this obligation for any member to:
1. Use, or be perceived as using, Groomteam New Zealand properties, services, opportunities,
intellectual property, authority or influence to gain private benefit without first gaining written
approval by Groomteam New Zealand.
2. Fail, as an employee, director, officer or committee member of Groomteam New Zealand to
complete an annual conflict of interest of form, or fail to complete that form accurately.
3. Incur expenses in furtherance of Groomteam New Zealand business without written permission
from the management of Groomteam New Zealand and National Dog Groomers Association of New

Enforcement of Code

Compliance with this Code depends primarily upon understanding and voluntary compliance,
secondarily upon reinforcement and reminder by peers, and, when necessary, upon enforcement
through disciplinary action.

Any person about whom a complaint has been made in writing under these rules will automatically
be suspended until an investigation and assessment can be organized.
Assessments will be organized as soon as is practical and offenders are expected to be present if
called upon to do so. In certain cases and if need arises a teleconference may be organised due to
geographical or personal reasons as agreed.

A decision will be made within 14 days of the final interview and will be binding
A strict code of conduct applies to all members of NDGANZ and their will be a zero tolerance applied
to individuals found guilty of breaching the code

Any offenders found guilty of a breach of conduct will be automatically excluded as a NDGANZ
member and any prior recognition in any archives will be deleted. Offenders will not be included in
any further Groomteam New Zealand activities and will be ordered to cease advertising and
promoting any involvement with the organisation. Any Groomteam New Zealand material, including
logos, references, links, transcripts of interviews and photos. Media of any kind, is also to be
removed from the participant’s websites as well as advertising and any other promotional material

Complaint Procedure.

Any individual who believes that a member or representative of Groomteam New Zealand has failed
to meet his or her obligations under this Code is encouraged to first address that concern directly to
that member. If that action does not result in a satisfactory resolution, the individual may file a
written complaint with the Directors, Program Director or other appropriate staff member of
Groomteam New Zealand. That complaint must be signed and dated and must state specifically the
nature of the alleged misconduct. Upon review of the complaint and, where appropriate, additional
discussions with the complainant and/or member who is the subject of the complaint, the Directors

1. Determine that the complaint does not merit further action, or
2. Counsel the member who is the subject of the complaint and record both the complaint and the
nature of the counseling in the member’s permanent record, or
3. Refer the complaint, as appropriate, to the state or regional chairs/committees or affiliated
organisation, or
4. Dismiss the member from the organization


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